Spencer Hoff

My name is Spencer Hoff.  I'm 17 years old, and a senior in high school.  I live with my brother who is 11 years old, my parents and my two cats, Lio and Smokey.  We live in Northern California.  I was born in Atlanta, GA then moved to California when I was two years old.

I have a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy which I've had since birth. I use a power wheelchair to get around and use an Eye-Gaze computer to communicate.  My computer has a camera in it which follows my eye movements while I spell words on the screen.  I then can look at an icon and my computer will verbally say what I've typed with my eyes.  

I'll be graduating from high school this year and will go to community college next Fall to study computer science.  My goal is to have a career in the computer industry.

Currently, I participate in Special Olympics basketball, high school football and swim therapy.  I'm part of the local KEEN program and really like meeting other high school athletes every month for a day of hanging out and exercise.  I also like texting my friends, seeing movies and cruising in my power wheelchair. 

I've been on my high school football team all four years.  Check out "Super Spencer Hoff Gets a Touchdown" on YouTube, below, to see my touchdown at our last varsity football game of the year.  

I can't wait to be the first person Ed Ettinghausen (Ultra-runner) will push in a jogger wheelchair through the LA Marathon finish line.  By the way, we'll also be running the Big LA 5K the day before.  I'm thankful to KEEN for asking me to participate in the KEEN USA LA Marathon opportunity.  It will be awesome!

Check out my fundraising link, as I'll be posting updates on my training and story leading up to the marathon on March 24th!